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How to Ship a Boat

How to Ship a Boat Successfully

We can help you step by step on how to ship a boat.  Internet shopping has opened up a whole new world to purchasing for a consumer.  You make the purchase, then you ask yourself how to ship a boat?  Shipping a boat doesn’t have to be scary.  With our team of boat shipping professionals, we can arrange the shipping of your boat no matter the size.  There are a few different types of boat transport that your boat may fall under.

How to ship a boat on a trailer

How to Ship a BoatBoats that are on their own trailer can often be pulled by a one ton diesel truck.  Depending on the weight of the boat, some drivers maybe required to have a CDL to move it legally.  Larger boats on their own trailers can be too heavy for a one ton truck and require a larger tow vehicle such as a toter truck.

Be SURE to inspect the tires on your boat trailer to confirm the trailer is roadworthy.  Make sure there is enough tread as well as no signs of dry rotting.  Check your bearings, axles, lugnuts and brakes before arranging for a boat transport company to pick up your boat.

Once the trailer is inspected and cleared for shipment you will want to make sure all of the items on and inside the boat are secure for shipment.  Bimini tops, Swim Decks, Motors, etc. need to be secure and tight.  If you are shrink wrapping a boat, be sure that all of the shrink wrap is tight and secure before it hits the road.

We often get asked how to ship a boat, and hiring a professional boat shipper like Diversity Transport is a great idea!


How to ship a boat that doesn’t have a trailer

How to ship a boat without trailerIf you need to know how to ship a boat without a trailer, you have come to the right place.  Diversity transport knows how to ship a boat whether it has a trailer or not, and offers professional boat transport at an affordable price.

Shipping a boat without a trailer can be a stressful experience for a buyer, and we are here to help.  We have experienced boat haulers with specialized equipment needed to ship your boat without a trailer.  Often times these boats will need to be lifted onto the trailers, so keep this in mind when you receive a quote.  It can require a crane, forklift, and other heavy equipment in order to get the job done.

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